Address by Mr. Dean of the Collage

Address by Mr. Dean of the Collage

In the name of God the Merciful
If he does not seek (39) and that he will endeavor to see (40), then he will be rewarded with the ultimate part. (41)
.God's great honesty
Thank God the Lord of the two worlds, and prayer and peace for Ashraf of the prophets and missionaries, Prophet Muhammad, and for his God and his companions, all of them and those who followed them well to the Day of Religion
My sons students - faculty members, auxiliary body and all the heads of different scientific departments, staff and staff of the faculty - gentlemen visitors I am pleased to welcome you to the corridors of the Faculty of Nursing Thi- Qar University
The student is at the centre of the educational process, its fruit and its very existence. Preparing for life and its challenges in the present and future is the primary goal pursued by the Faculty of Nursing University Thi- Qar. The Faculty is working on preparing a graduate with theoretical knowledge, practical experience and positive behaviors. and has the ability to use it to build itself and develop its community by providing high-quality education according to global standards and developing the level of academic services provided to students, Improving and developing academic programmes in line with the labour market's need. It also embraces the philosophy of self-learning in
.problem solving and lifelong learning
The College strives for quality and excellence, as a beacon for preparing a generation capable of developing in Iraq and as a center of cultural and intellectual radiation for society, a leader for change, and an address for progress. Therefore, the College of Nursing has always been the most distinguished, the most creative in the fields of education, scientific research and community service, by providing a student-friendly academic environment; Its goal is to nurture creativity, excellence and innovation in all fields
In accordance with its strategic plan, the College also seeks to develop distinctive competencies in various fields of specialization, enrich innovative scientific research supported by postgraduate programmes, contribute to the service of the community and build distinct community partnerships, taking into account the comprehensive quality system and achieving academic accreditation. In addition to encouraging the outstanding competencies of faculty and students to contribute to the knowledge industry, ensuring the graduation of trained cadres capable of innovating
.and achieving leadership in their fields of specialization and leading their communities
Our college is characterized by having a highly competent teaching body that works in the spirit of the team and the most important characteristic of this team is the spirit of harmony, love and cooperation We work diligently to help students and encourage them to engage in dialogue and openness to different cultures in order to raise the level of university education that reflects on their professional performance in their workplaces. Efforts are continuing and the banner of struggle is raised in this ambitious college with the hope of God Almighty to reconcile, trust and
.succeed and the next will be nicer with God's ear
In conclusion, my students and students, Asallah, demonstrated his ability to help us what he loves and satisfies and
.to safeguard our homeland and our people from all hates and God

Professor Dr : Khaled Jamil Kazim
Dean of the Faculty of Nursing

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